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Ticket Purchasing Tutorial

Online tickets, promo codes, it can all get a little bit confusing.  In an effort to be helpful to the families we serve, here's a quick tutorial to purchase tickets online through Eventbrite for musical productions at Palisade Playhouse. 1. Use the button below to link to the Eventbrite site.

2.  Click the green tickets button.

3.  If you have a promo code to use, you'll access it in the top right corner by clicking "enter promotional code."

4. Enter the promo code to access discounts or hidden tickets. 

5. Select your desired tickets.  

Cast Members' Friends and Family: use cast member's assigned promo code, which will unlock hidden tickets.  You'll find the name of the ticket followed by "Friends & Family" which denotes that a portion of that ticket will financially support that actor/actress.

Fundraising tickets: use promo code to unlock hidden tickets.  Find desired tickets followed by "Fundraiser" to denote that a portion of your ticket price will support your organization.

6. Select desired number of tickets, and click green "checkout" button to complete the transaction.

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