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Vision For Palisade Playhouse


Palisade Playhouse provides a high quality, family-friendly place for community theatre, choir, education, and events in a Christ-centered environment.  



At Palisade Playhouse, we value:

  1. High quality. We provide an outstanding musical, choir, and event experience to everyone who joins us.

  2. Hard work. We expect each role, whether on or off stage, to be carried out to the fullest extent.  We expect members of the Palisade Team to help each other when needed to benefit the organization as a whole.

  3. Family. We honor the family as the most essential unit of society, and want to accommodate those with families.  This community can buoy up families, and be a safe and healthy place for children and adults to have a hobby.  Our children often attend rehearsals and performances, so we expect conduct of those who join us to be appropriate for all ages.

  4. Time. While we’re here, we work and play hard, but we value the time of those who come here, so they may arrive and leave promptly.

  5. Abundance. We have seen many miracles, we continue to see miracles, and we have faith miracles will continue to exist here.  Miracles occur more frequently when we are generous and see everything abundantly.

  6. Optimism. While there will be challenges in any organization, we face challenges with optimism and courage, knowing that God will always provide a way to accomplish the things He needs to be done.

  7. Honest and Open Communication. Most disappointment comes from unmet expectations. We value discussions that take place sooner rather than later, to keep what we expect and reality as closely aligned as possible.

  8. Welcoming and Inclusion of All People. While we are Christian, and our faith and morals are apparent in what we do, we welcome those of all faiths, races, backgrounds, and cultures to join us.  We expect all who join us to be respectful and kind of others' views.  While discussions at Palisade Playhouse can be open and honest, we do not promote any specific religious denomination, political view, or social agenda on our stage, in an effort to help all people feel welcome. 

As Palisade Playhouse transitions from a home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to a home in Kimberly, Idaho, we will aim for the following schedule:

Fall 2018

  • Roll out community choir and children's choir in Kimberly - 1st concert will be Christmas Concert in December. Goal: 25 choir members for each choir.

  • Use funds from choirs to fund future choir programming, and to begin funding musicals.

  • Look for sponsors, donors, and local support to fund first musical. Goal: $3,000 raised/donated by end of 2018.


Winter/Spring 2019

  • Continue community choir and children's choir.  Concerts in March and May.  Goal: 40 choir members for each choir.

  • Use funds from choirs to fund future choir programming, and to begin funding musicals.

  • Look for sponsors, donors, and local support to fund first musical​.  Goal: $8,000 raised/donated by April 1, 2019, $10,000 raised/donated by May 1, 2019.

Summer 2019

  • Roll out summer camps for children K-8th grade. Goal: 40 kids enrolled over 2 weeks.

  • Audition, rehearse, and perform first musical in Idaho by end of August.

  • 15 playbill ad sponsors of $50+ for first musical.

5-Year Plan

  • Community Choir and Children's Choir maintain 40-80 members per group, with 4 concerts per year.

  • Perform 2-3 musicals per year, all maintaining profitability.

  • Offer music education, summer camps, and other enrichment activities and fundraisers 5-6 times per year.

  • Ability to purchase or build dedicated rehearsal and performance space by end of 2023.

Want to learn more about how YOU can play a part in this vision?  Sign up HERE to receive our quarterly newsletter. 

Palisade Playhouse Before Construction
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