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PPS Strike

Day Camps

Essential Info:

Palisade Day Camp Capacity: 250 kids plus 25-50 staff

Cost: $35 per day per kid, plus a little more for care before 8am or after 3pm

Activities will include music, dance, & acting classes, (we're a theatre - of course these are our go-to activities!) group games, art (with history and technique taught as well), board games, puppet shows, story time (younger grades), science exploration, trips to the local park (weather permitting) and more! We'll be scrappy and resourceful in our planning, to keep the cost to families low while we cover our costs.  We plan to have numerous in-house field trips, so the kids can experience a wide variety of activities during the day!

Palisade Playhouse is located 2 blocks from Greenfield PreK-8 School in the Greenfield neighborhood.  It is about 5 minutes from Alderdice High School, and about 8 minutes from Minadeo and Colfax, which have kids PreK-8.  We also welcome children from other schools in the Pittsburgh Public School District.  Our nonprofit organization was created to be a safe, family-friendly place for the Pittsburgh community to join together.  Surely, this Strike Day Camp fits well in our mission. 


If you can join us for an in-house field trip presentation, or if you'd like to apply for employment through Palisade Playhouse, including teachers or other professionals with current PA required background clearances and checks, please email Michelle at to find ways to help us get these day camps up and running! 

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