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Palisade Playhouse, a family friendly theatre in Pittsburgh, PA, is now hiring a Stage Manager for our production of the musical "Annie."  We have started rehearsals already, and are looking for the position to be filled immediately.  Our production runs August 17-September 2, 2017 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday performances).  

Job Duties:

Attend most rehearsals, all rehearsals if possible


Create organization systems for sets, props, and costumes 


Assist the director in taking excellent notes during rehearsals, and running rehearsals as agreed upon ahead of time, as needed (for example, one rehearsal is on the director's son's birthday, and the director would like to attend his son's birthday party instead of run the rehearsal).

Attend all 12 performances of Annie, and coordinate cast and crew so people, sets, and props are on stage at the right time. 

Other duties as assigned by the Director.

Code of Conduct:

Palisade Playhouse strives to be fun family entertainment for people in the Pittsburgh area by maintaining a high quality performance and a high moral code of conduct.  We expect our staff, crew, and performers, to refrain from coming to rehearsals or performances while intoxicated, to refrain from using crude or coarse language while at the Playhouse, and by being respectful to coworkers and patrons.  We also ask a standard of modesty in dress, to keep the focus on the great shows we do, and to be very appropriate for our pint-sized guests.


A stipend of $250 will be offered for the stage manager for the production of Annie.  In the long term, though, we are also looking for someone to become a continuing employee of Palisade Playhouse.  We are a new theatre company, and currently, our board of directors, director, and assistant director offer their time as volunteers without pay.  


Looking forward, we're seeking an employee with skills or willingness to dive into and learn about grant-writing, to help this family friendly community theatre company find enough grant money to afford to pay the entire production team adequate compensation for their time.  For a self-motivated, hard-working, family friendly individual, we'd offer the first grant money the individual writes for and earns as salary for him/her to continue working for the theatre, up to full time, up to an agreed upon salary between the stage manager and the Palisade Playhouse board of directors.


If you are interested in applying, please send a resume to  We will be holding interviews June 30-July 6, and we will make a decision by July 10.  Please include in the email your availability between July 10 and September 2.  We run rehearsals mostly on weeknights from 6:30-9pm (2-3 nights/week) and Saturdays from 10am-2pm.  We never hold meeting, rehearsals, or performances on Sundays in an effort to allow all of our staff, cast, and crew time to spend with their families.

Now Hiring - Stage Manager

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