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Book Written By: Peter DePietro

Lyrics Written By: Tom Chiodo 

Music Written By: Galen Blum, Wayne Barker, and Vinnie Martucci.


Palisade Playhouse Production

Directed By: Matt Belliston

Who? Where? How? The classic board game comes to life in style. Mr Boddy once again faces death, but this time it’s up to the audience to choose how. Clue the Musical is a comedy, murder mystery, and musical all wrapped up in one with the added bonus of audience participation. With 216 possible endings determined at the beginning of the show by the audience, the suspects scramble to commit the murder without being discovered by the detective.

Come check out the musical as the first production by the Palisade Playhouse, on our new expanded stage!  This is a great date activity or bring the family!  Inappropriate language and questionable scenes have been edited!  Perfect entertainment for everyone!

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